An unsporting relationship match

I was very delighted after receiving my academic report. I scored a total mark 838 during the first exam in Wah Yan Kowloon College! I hope I will have more than 900 marks in the Mid-term exam.

While my parents are meeting with the teachers, I was participating a inter-school football match: Wah Yan Kowloon College Form 1-2 vs Trinity Secondary School Form 1-4 at the school football field. We scored two goals in the first half and one goal in the second half, ended with a 3-0 win. By the way, I was very surprised that lots of student watched the game, even one of my best mates, Matthew, came and supported us!

In the afternoon, I went to my friend’s home and made a heart-shaped carrot cake. I followed the recipe and made my first home-made food in my life.  The cake is very delicious and unique.

At night, we watched the movie – Home-alone 1. It was a funny movie that my friends cannot stop laughing even though the film had finished! Next, we watched a fascinating football game –  Barcelona against Athletic Madrid.

It was an exciting match. Athletic Madrid scored fist while Barcelona scored two afterwards. Straight at the end of 45 minutes, Philip Louis, a player from Athletic Madrid tackled Messi and was given a red card by the referee, making players of both sides fighting at each other.

I was very angry after watching this tackle. Players should play fair during a match isn’t it? Why can players hitting and making others injury? We must play fair in a match! Making others injury no matter the player has good skills or doesn’t is unacceptable for me. Sport spirit and relationship is far more important than the result of the match!



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