The Inter School Athletic Day

Yesterday, I participated The Inter school Athletic Day. It was my first time joining this activity. I was very nervous the day before Inter School Athletic Day, wondering can Wah Yan College Kowloon defeat other teams and won.

Yesterday’s morning, I traveled to Wan Chai Sports Ground with my mate, Johnny. After arriving the stadium, we started to do warm-up exercises. There were many students from different schools participating the matches.

At 10:00, the first started, the 200 meters heat. I had joined this match as well!

“Bang!” The match started. I grabbed my palms, dashed towards the finishing line and finished using 26.72 seconds. I was very delighted after noticing I had been qualified to the semi-final. I hope my performance can be better on day 2.

Afterwards, I strolled to the terrace, hoisting the flag and cheered with the other mates. This view was extraordinary! All of us standing side by side, yelling and cheering, supporting the athletes.

I adore the atmosphere here. It just feels like we are a family, and I am a member of this family.


Hong Kong News in 2016

Happy New Year to all my mates! Thanks for following my blog! During the past two months, there were some terrifying news happened in Hong Kong. Lets discuss these news  together and help Hong Kong to be a better place.

A few days ago, a news shocked the whole Hong Kong, Mong Kok riot. Since some people disagree that the hawkers were treated unjustly by the government, they held a parade to support the hawkers. However, the people were very impetuous. They started to throw blocks and used sticks to fight against the police.

The next day morning, I opened the television, watching the news. I was slack-jawed after hearing this news. What’s wrong with this guys? Why do they have to fight against the police? I don’t understand! 

I think that these people’s reactions are unacceptable. No matter how angry they are, they should calm down and think. But not to jabbing others. I totally agree that the police should take out the gun and shoot. This is the best way to control the people.

In 2016, I hope all people will have a happy, peaceful new year!

Chinese New Year Holiday


   Hi everyone. How is your Chinese New Year holiday? Anything thing special happened? Today, I am going to tell you about my unique expereinces happened this holiday.

   Yesterday, I went to my grandmother’s house, helped her serving the visitors. At noon, visitors started to come. My grandmother made lots of cakes while we were chatting happily. We spent almost two hours playing and chatting happily.

   At night, we went to Tsim Sha Tsui and watched the fire-work show. Peering at the dim sky, lots of fire-works shot into the sky, like different colors of flowers shinning in front of me. This was my first time waiting fire-work on live. The show was tremendous.

    Maybe I didn’t take enough rest on the past few days, I caught a fever and my throat is very ichi, making me often cough. I hope I can recover as soon as possible. Also, I hope that everybody can have a happy new year.