The Inter School Athletic Day

Yesterday, I participated The Inter school Athletic Day. It was my first time joining this activity. I was very nervous the day before Inter School Athletic Day, wondering can Wah Yan College Kowloon defeat other teams and won.

Yesterday’s morning, I traveled to Wan Chai Sports Ground with my mate, Johnny. After arriving the stadium, we started to do warm-up exercises. There were many students from different schools participating the matches.

At 10:00, the first started, the 200 meters heat. I had joined this match as well!

“Bang!” The match started. I grabbed my palms, dashed towards the finishing line and finished using 26.72 seconds. I was very delighted after noticing I had been qualified to the semi-final. I hope my performance can be better on day 2.

Afterwards, I strolled to the terrace, hoisting the flag and cheered with the other mates. This view was extraordinary! All of us standing side by side, yelling and cheering, supporting the athletes.

I adore the atmosphere here. It just feels like we are a family, and I am a member of this family.


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