A Phenomenal Football Match

Today is 18 March, the last day of our school uniform test. Being a student of Wah Yan Kowloon College, I am very delighted to hear this superb news. However in football team teammates’ eye, today is a very important day.

“Welcome to all spectators,” announced the premier. “Today, there will be a fascinating D1 football match kicking off in Pitch 1. This match is really important to both teams. Kowloon Wah Yan College must win the match to stay in D1 Football group. On the another hand, Island School must win to be qualified into the semi-final match.”

 The match started. Feeling nervous, I don’t know whether we will win or lose, I just have to stop the ball from entering the net.

BEEP! The referee blowed the whistle and it was the end of first half. It was a boring first half, just a few chance made by two teams.

After 10 minutes, two teams’ members strolled onto the pitch and were ready for second half. The second half was more exciting, with more shooting and tackles, the spectators yelled louder, encouraging their teammates.

When the match was hurdling to extra time, the appointment team’s striker scuttled into the penalty box and dived. The referee blowed his whistle and pointed towards the penalty dot.

Heart pumping quickly, focusing at the ball, this is my first time saving a penalty. I don’t know who can I trust in that moment. I should dive to my left or my right? Can I save the penalty? Can Wah Yan win?

As the captain stepped forward, I focused on the ball and dived to my right hand side.OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD! I saved that penalty! “How can I save it!”,I exclaimed.

I kicked the ball forward. High up in the sky, the ball is a fire ball, darting towards the net and SCORED! 

Today is a tremendous day. I feel like I’m the hero of my team. Hope that we can stay in Division 1 next year.


S1 Performance Night

Today is an immense day for some students who waited for a long time- the S1 Performance night. I have waited for a long period of time and finally, it comes.

Nervous, standing on the stage, I struggled. I am pretending a girl! What can I do if the audience keep laughing on their seats? I thought.

The show begins, Matthew ,Joshua and Kenneth’s performance is brilliant without any mistakes! And now is my turn. I can’t make any mistakes. If I made a mistake, the show will be totally ruined out.

“Then, I can have lunch with you, Alvin!” I shrilled. After a silence, all the audience laughed. Is there something wrong? I asked myself.

Next, it is time to pretend the ox. I changed my costume quickly and waited.

“Moooooo…” I yelled. Lumbering slowly, I carried Jack outside. He is quite heavy. While I was thinking going back to the stage, I accidentally collapsed and the audience giggled loudly.

Oh my Gosh! I thought. Although I am still felling a bit embarrassed, I have to change my suit quickly and end the show.

Finally, we ended the show perfectly. This is the most wonderful show in the world.