S1 Performance Night

Today is an immense day for some students who waited for a long time- the S1 Performance night. I have waited for a long period of time and finally, it comes.

Nervous, standing on the stage, I struggled. I am pretending a girl! What can I do if the audience keep laughing on their seats? I thought.

The show begins, Matthew ,Joshua and Kenneth’s performance is brilliant without any mistakes! And now is my turn. I can’t make any mistakes. If I made a mistake, the show will be totally ruined out.

“Then, I can have lunch with you, Alvin!” I shrilled. After a silence, all the audience laughed. Is there something wrong? I asked myself.

Next, it is time to pretend the ox. I changed my costume quickly and waited.

“Moooooo…” I yelled. Lumbering slowly, I carried Jack outside. He is quite heavy. While I was thinking going back to the stage, I accidentally collapsed and the audience giggled loudly.

Oh my Gosh! I thought. Although I am still felling a bit embarrassed, I have to change my suit quickly and end the show.

Finally, we ended the show perfectly. This is the most wonderful show in the world.


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