An interview with Lightening’s captain

Hi Mr. Tong,

I am Kobe Yuen from class 1W. As you know, I enjoy playing ice-hockey and watching NHL, a national ice-hockey league. This month, the first round of Stanley cup playoff has started. Sixteen teams will fight for the champion.

Tampa Bay Lightening, being one of the most powerful team, will compete with Detroit Red Wings for quarter final. This video is an interview with Lightening’s captain. I really agree what he had said in this video. If you want to watch this video, please click into this link,


A Phenomenal Football Match

Today is 18 March, the last day of our school uniform test. Being a student of Wah Yan Kowloon College, I am very delighted to hear this superb news. However in football team teammates’ eye, today is a very important day.

“Welcome to all spectators,” announced the premier. “Today, there will be a fascinating D1 football match kicking off in Pitch 1. This match is really important to both teams. Kowloon Wah Yan College must win the match to stay in D1 Football group. On the another hand, Island School must win to be qualified into the semi-final match.”

 The match started. Feeling nervous, I don’t know whether we will win or lose, I just have to stop the ball from entering the net.

BEEP! The referee blowed the whistle and it was the end of first half. It was a boring first half, just a few chance made by two teams.

After 10 minutes, two teams’ members strolled onto the pitch and were ready for second half. The second half was more exciting, with more shooting and tackles, the spectators yelled louder, encouraging their teammates.

When the match was hurdling to extra time, the appointment team’s striker scuttled into the penalty box and dived. The referee blowed his whistle and pointed towards the penalty dot.

Heart pumping quickly, focusing at the ball, this is my first time saving a penalty. I don’t know who can I trust in that moment. I should dive to my left or my right? Can I save the penalty? Can Wah Yan win?

As the captain stepped forward, I focused on the ball and dived to my right hand side.OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD! I saved that penalty! “How can I save it!”,I exclaimed.

I kicked the ball forward. High up in the sky, the ball is a fire ball, darting towards the net and SCORED! 

Today is a tremendous day. I feel like I’m the hero of my team. Hope that we can stay in Division 1 next year.

S1 Performance Night

Today is an immense day for some students who waited for a long time- the S1 Performance night. I have waited for a long period of time and finally, it comes.

Nervous, standing on the stage, I struggled. I am pretending a girl! What can I do if the audience keep laughing on their seats? I thought.

The show begins, Matthew ,Joshua and Kenneth’s performance is brilliant without any mistakes! And now is my turn. I can’t make any mistakes. If I made a mistake, the show will be totally ruined out.

“Then, I can have lunch with you, Alvin!” I shrilled. After a silence, all the audience laughed. Is there something wrong? I asked myself.

Next, it is time to pretend the ox. I changed my costume quickly and waited.

“Moooooo…” I yelled. Lumbering slowly, I carried Jack outside. He is quite heavy. While I was thinking going back to the stage, I accidentally collapsed and the audience giggled loudly.

Oh my Gosh! I thought. Although I am still felling a bit embarrassed, I have to change my suit quickly and end the show.

Finally, we ended the show perfectly. This is the most wonderful show in the world.

The Inter School Athletic Day

Yesterday, I participated The Inter school Athletic Day. It was my first time joining this activity. I was very nervous the day before Inter School Athletic Day, wondering can Wah Yan College Kowloon defeat other teams and won.

Yesterday’s morning, I traveled to Wan Chai Sports Ground with my mate, Johnny. After arriving the stadium, we started to do warm-up exercises. There were many students from different schools participating the matches.

At 10:00, the first started, the 200 meters heat. I had joined this match as well!

“Bang!” The match started. I grabbed my palms, dashed towards the finishing line and finished using 26.72 seconds. I was very delighted after noticing I had been qualified to the semi-final. I hope my performance can be better on day 2.

Afterwards, I strolled to the terrace, hoisting the flag and cheered with the other mates. This view was extraordinary! All of us standing side by side, yelling and cheering, supporting the athletes.

I adore the atmosphere here. It just feels like we are a family, and I am a member of this family.

Hong Kong News in 2016

Happy New Year to all my mates! Thanks for following my blog! During the past two months, there were some terrifying news happened in Hong Kong. Lets discuss these news  together and help Hong Kong to be a better place.

A few days ago, a news shocked the whole Hong Kong, Mong Kok riot. Since some people disagree that the hawkers were treated unjustly by the government, they held a parade to support the hawkers. However, the people were very impetuous. They started to throw blocks and used sticks to fight against the police.

The next day morning, I opened the television, watching the news. I was slack-jawed after hearing this news. What’s wrong with this guys? Why do they have to fight against the police? I don’t understand! 

I think that these people’s reactions are unacceptable. No matter how angry they are, they should calm down and think. But not to jabbing others. I totally agree that the police should take out the gun and shoot. This is the best way to control the people.

In 2016, I hope all people will have a happy, peaceful new year!

Chinese New Year Holiday


   Hi everyone. How is your Chinese New Year holiday? Anything thing special happened? Today, I am going to tell you about my unique expereinces happened this holiday.

   Yesterday, I went to my grandmother’s house, helped her serving the visitors. At noon, visitors started to come. My grandmother made lots of cakes while we were chatting happily. We spent almost two hours playing and chatting happily.

   At night, we went to Tsim Sha Tsui and watched the fire-work show. Peering at the dim sky, lots of fire-works shot into the sky, like different colors of flowers shinning in front of me. This was my first time waiting fire-work on live. The show was tremendous.

    Maybe I didn’t take enough rest on the past few days, I caught a fever and my throat is very ichi, making me often cough. I hope I can recover as soon as possible. Also, I hope that everybody can have a happy new year.


An unsporting relationship match

I was very delighted after receiving my academic report. I scored a total mark 838 during the first exam in Wah Yan Kowloon College! I hope I will have more than 900 marks in the Mid-term exam.

While my parents are meeting with the teachers, I was participating a inter-school football match: Wah Yan Kowloon College Form 1-2 vs Trinity Secondary School Form 1-4 at the school football field. We scored two goals in the first half and one goal in the second half, ended with a 3-0 win. By the way, I was very surprised that lots of student watched the game, even one of my best mates, Matthew, came and supported us!

In the afternoon, I went to my friend’s home and made a heart-shaped carrot cake. I followed the recipe and made my first home-made food in my life.  The cake is very delicious and unique.

At night, we watched the movie – Home-alone 1. It was a funny movie that my friends cannot stop laughing even though the film had finished! Next, we watched a fascinating football game –  Barcelona against Athletic Madrid.

It was an exciting match. Athletic Madrid scored fist while Barcelona scored two afterwards. Straight at the end of 45 minutes, Philip Louis, a player from Athletic Madrid tackled Messi and was given a red card by the referee, making players of both sides fighting at each other.

I was very angry after watching this tackle. Players should play fair during a match isn’t it? Why can players hitting and making others injury? We must play fair in a match! Making others injury no matter the player has good skills or doesn’t is unacceptable for me. Sport spirit and relationship is far more important than the result of the match!


Alex Rider-The Ark Angel

Dear Mr. Ho,

How are you? Remember that I had shown you a book before? The Ark Angel! I finally finish reading this superb book.

I bought this book during the last summer holiday. This book is written by Anthony Horowitz, a marvellous action story writer.  He had written Alex Rider book series long time ago. The series includes ten books. I adore this series of book a lot.

This book is about Alex Rider, the main character, met a boy named Paul Drevin in the hospital. Paul is a special person. His father is a million-ware! In the story, some thugs want to kidnap Paul and ask for money. Alex Rider wants to help Paul, but, what can he do? Can Alex save him?

It’s a great story. I would like to recommend this book to my classmates. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers.

Best wishes


My First Word Press Mail

Dear Mr. Ho

I am very happy that I can use the wordpress mail to chat with you.

During this week, I have read a book named Scaredy Camp. This book is superb. I would like to recommend this book to my mates and classmates. hope you like it.

Besides, I have learnt lot of difficult words such as voracious, shove and convinced. As this words are tough, I tried something which I seldom did before — check the dictionary. I found out that checking dictionary is a perfect way to learn hard and difficult words.

This is my first mail in wordpress. I hope that it will work. Also, what is your opinion about our drama script? Please reply after receiving this mail.

Best wishes,